Friday, 7 November 2014

Fashion Market

So soon as a fashion is Universal, it is out of date.”
     -Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach-

A fashion market in a British fashion week....
When I went to the fashion market in Brighton (BFW) I was expecting a formal place with famous people, famous designers, all the people "well dressed", trendy clothes, and a 'common global style".
But then a soon as I entered to the market I realized that it was a market! With fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry and of course fashion! 

At first impression I was disappointed because it wasn't what I was looking for, what I was expecting for the BFW but then I realized that it was much better than this, it was a real fashion market, it was the essence of the fashion just there, just in a sunny Saturday, just in the middle of Brighton fashion was blooming all around, neophyte designers promoting their brands, showing their styles, all those colors and contrasts, smiles, looks, jokes, pictures, textures, clothes, fashion, fashion, fashion...

Such a different fashion from I'm used to, but only because this one was real fashion, because fashion is that; being different, taking risks, stop following trends and start your own. That was what all those brave designers did: Delighting us with such amazing work, because their designs were unique, risky, flawless, bold, awesome.

      -Fatima Prieto-

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